The Consultation

During the consultation, your current health is explored as well as your past health and any risk factors for your future health. Medical herbalists are trained in herb/drug interactions and will treat safely alongside conventional medications. They are able to carry out routine physical examinations, like taking blood pressure, or feeling your pulse. They are skilled to diagnose and will know when patients need referring to other healthcare practitioners.


The first consultation will normally last an hour and consist of interview, physical examination if required and discussion of treatment options. The follow-ups usually last 30 minutes and focus on assessing progress and making adjustments to the herbal treatment plan if required. The number of follow-ups needed will depend on your individual presentation.

The herbal prescription will typically be a blend of up to 10 herbs as alcoholic extract (tincture), or a tea, or both. Creams and oils may be prescribed in addition as external treatments. Each prescription is individually tailored to the patient and her/his changing condition. Further self help tips may be given.


All our herbal products are sourced from reputable suppliers and are of high quality. They may be wild-crafted or grown organically or conventionallly, and all are produced sustainably.

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